Get to know me.

When it comes to photography & videography in any form, I am a firm believer that your photographer should definitely match your vibe as a couple, or even company representative. I keep it real. I want to ensure that not only the final product is something that you are over the moon about, but that it gives you the opportunity to relive those moments through my art form and storytelling abilities. 

So, who am I? If you’re going to work with me you should get to know a bit about me right?! I’m a total nerd. From video games to my favorite, Star Wars, I can vibe with you with just about anything that you are into, from Sci-fi to Fantasy. I fell in love with videography from watching these incredible shows, with epic visuals and captivating stories which inspired me in pursuing my passion in directing and creating stories that captivate and inspire people! So when I dove headfirst into the world of videography and photography here in Monterey County, I set out to instill that same passion for the visual art of storytelling into every single one of my client’s sessions.

My goal and passion is the creation of amazing stories, with amazing people. I want to tell your story. I want to showcase your personality and give others the chance not just to see you, but to know you. When I make a video, I tell a tale. In medieval times they had bards. People that used their passion of storytelling to spread both information as well as legends and epic tales to the world. And that is exactly where I found my love and passion in this day and age. Creating amazing stories for absolute legends. So, if you are that person, someone who is, has been, or longs to be the main character in your tale, then let's work together. Let's make incredible adventures together. Because it’s not just another photo session or video when you book with me. It’s a whole new quest. And every quest needs a legendary story to let it live on in memory.

Let's celebrate your love.